Uno Más moves to the Square to attract late night patrons

Manager "Z" Hawkins tending bar at Uno Más. Photo by Jack Clements. He is featured behind the bar.
Manager “Z” Hawkins tending bar at Uno Más. Photo by Jack Clements.

Jack Clements
Oxford Stories

The Oxford Square added a new restaurant in January with a name that suggests you may crave more than one of its tacos or drinks.

Uno Más Tacos y Tequila opened Jan. 28 at 1101 E. Jackson Ave. on the Square across from Funky’s and next door to Yūgō Oxford Asian Fusion. Uno Más means “one more.”

Previously located on South Lamar Boulevard, restaurant manager “Z” Hawkins said they thought the new location would attract more customers.

“We wanted to get somewhere where the target audience was more concentrated,” said Hawkins, “and financially it was better to be here.”

The target audience is mainly late-night taco-cravers. The new location’s proximity to the center of Oxford’s nightlife certainly draws the intended crowd like the old location never could. 

"Z" Hawkins behind the bar at Uno Más. Photo by Jack Clements.
“Z” Hawkins behind the bar at Uno Más. Photo by Jack Clements.

Uno Más on East Jackson Avenue hardly resembles the former South Lamar Boulevard location. The former store was only open until 10 p.m. The new location is open until 1 a.m., turning Uno Más into a place for people to go after they leave bars on the Square.

“Last night, we were slow until like 11:45,” Hawkins said. “From midnight to 1 a.m. is when we see the most people in here.”

It is common for Uno Más to be dead slow throughout the day and early evening, and then be packed late at night. This is by design, Hawkins said. This was the original idea for the restaurant, but the old location was not conducive to the late-night crowd. 

Uno Más also prides itself on its unique menu. 

“It’s really great for people who want to experience a different culture,” Hawkins said.

The kitchen and the bar are each open until 1 a.m. unlike many restaurants where the kitchen closes before the rest of the establishment. The menu is almost entirely organic, another attractive point for many patrons.

Hawkins shaking a cocktail behind the bar. Photo by Jack Clements.

In addition to a high-caliber menu featuring a variety of street-style tacos, burritos, and their most popular dish: the P5 burrito – chicken, cheese and rice rolled into a flour tortilla – Uno Más also boasts an extensive collection of tequila and Mexican spirits. 

“It’s really a tequila bar,” Hawkins said. “Tequila is the most popular spirit in the U.S. right now, and this is the place to come to get it.”

The large bar has over 20 different tequilas with highly trained bartenders who can make almost any cocktail. The cocktail menu features many signature cocktails, including their signature Uno Más Margarita. 

Greg Moore, who has prior restaurant industry experience, said Uno Más is his favorite job.

“There is really a family atmosphere among the workers here,” he said. “There are also great opportunities for you to move up if you work hard.”

Moore said employees can earn points based on their performance and redeem them for a variety of prizes, such as T-shirts, merchandise and food discounts.

Greg Moore working as a host at Uno Más. Photo by Jack Clements. Moore is pictured with the restaurant interior behind him.
Greg Moore working as a host at Uno Más. Photo by Jack Clements.

“It is a great way to keep everyone motivated and promote hard work,” Moore said. “I haven’t worked anywhere else that has done it quite like this.”

Owners and managers have worked to set themselves apart from the rest and create a classy, late-night, authentic, Mexican establishment.

“If you’re looking for high-class Mexican food with a chill, laid back atmosphere, this is your spot,” Moore said. 

Hawkins and Moore said customers come first.

“We want to provide great food and great service,” Hawkins said.

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