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Nolan Turner

Hi, I am Nolan Turner and I am a freshman reporter for Oxford Stories and I currently attend the University of Mississppi. I was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi where I attended St. Andrew's Episcopal from the beginning of my academic career till I graduated from high school. I tried to stay involved in the community as I volunteered on weekends at the local children's musuem. I also played on the basketball, baseball, and lacrosse team in high school and was on the school newspaper staff for four years while being the sports section editor. I look forward to doing many more stories in the future with Oxford Stories as I think it is a great way to help see and do things that one normally might not be doing. It also keeps me involved in the community and helps me become a more social person and meet new people through activities like the school newspaper. I expect great things out of this class and am also very much appreciative of the chance to share my stories and experiences with people in Oxford and around northern Mississippi.