Video: Plans continue for new parking garage near Oxford Square

It’s no secret that parking is a big issue in Oxford. The Square is especially an issue, and even though it is a popular place in Oxford, there are very little areas to park. This leaves the large number of residents, especially during the school year, feeling frustrated, because it is so hard to find a spot to park. The Oxford Board of Alderman have come up with a solution to this problem, a new parking garage.

Ole Miss eSports Club provides gamers with a sense of community

The new-age craze of intense video game play may appear, at first glance, to be a strange choice of hobby. Hours spent staring at a screen alone in a dark room, fueled by soda and candy and the joy of pixelated explosions, seems like the last thing this generation should be invested in. But thankfully, there is far more to gaming than most realize: improved cognitive functions, emotional comprehension, and even better social skills.