Discover the Oldest Church in Indiana

Indiana boasts several ancient churches steeped in history, each holding stories of faith, resilience, and community. Let’s delve into two of the oldest churches in the state, each with its unique legacy.

  1. Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church Location: Franklin County, Indiana Year Built: 1812

The Little Cedar Grove Baptist Church is a testament to the early Primitive Baptist settlers who established it in 1797. Situated in Franklin County, this historic church has faithfully served its congregation for over two centuries. Its simple yet elegant design reflects the unwavering devotion of its founders. Remarkably, it remains the oldest church in Indiana still standing on its original foundation.

  1. St. Francis Xavier Cathedral Location: Vincennes, Indiana Year Established: Around 1734

Founded by Jesuit missionaries, St. Francis Xavier parish in Vincennes stands as the oldest Catholic parish in Indiana. Its origins date back to 1734, with the earliest parish records dating from 1749. The cathedral’s graceful architecture serves as a symbol of faith and community. Visitors can immerse themselves in its rich history and experience the spiritual legacy that has endured for centuries.

In conclusion, these venerable churches serve as reminders of the enduring power of faith and the integral role they play in shaping communities. Stepping into their hallowed halls, we honor the generations who have found solace, celebration, and connection within their sacred walls.

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