Discover the Oldest Church in Maryland

Maryland boasts a diverse religious history dating back to its founding, welcoming various faiths and denominations. Among its many churches, Old Trinity Church in Church Creek stands out for its age and significance. As the oldest continuously used church building in the continental United States and the original thirteen states, it holds immense historical value and warrants exploration.

History of Old Trinity Church

Constructed around 1675 during Maryland’s colonial era, Old Trinity Church was established by Anglican settlers of the Eastern Shore. Originally named Dorchester Parish Church, it served as a local place of worship, sparing residents the journey to other regions. Despite facing challenges like fires, hurricanes, and vandalism, the church endured, owing to the dedication of its community. Restoration efforts, notably in the 1950s, preserved its architectural integrity. Recognized as a National Historic Landmark, its legacy spans pivotal moments in American history.

Architecture of Old Trinity Church

A prime example of colonial architecture, Old Trinity Church blends English and Dutch influences from the 17th century. Its red brick fa├žade, laid in Flemish bond with glazed headers, exhibits exceptional craftsmanship. The interior features a wooden floor, plaster walls, and a simple yet elegant design. Historic furnishings like a wooden pulpit, baptismal font, and communion silver set add to its charm. Stained glass windows depict biblical scenes, enriching its spiritual ambiance.

Legacy of Old Trinity Church

More than a historic relic, Old Trinity Church remains an active place of worship, hosting regular services and special events. It continues to serve its congregation and community, engaging in outreach programs and charitable initiatives. As a symbol of faith and resilience, it embodies Maryland’s religious heritage, inviting visitors to experience its timeless beauty and significance.

Old Trinity Church stands as a testament to Maryland’s cultural identity, deserving recognition and appreciation for its historical and spiritual contributions. Visiting this cherished landmark promises an unforgettable journey through time and faith.

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