Meet our 2019 Oxford Stories Reporters

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Carlisle Rieveschl, 21, is a senior at the University of Mississippi originally from New Orleans. The integrated marketing communications major, general business minor, with a public relations specialization hopes to pursue a career in marketing.

Rieveschl has a special interest in how social media impacts marketing. She has become Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics certified to better understand. 

Last summer, she interned at the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute, or NOCHI, in New Orleans in the marketing department. She worked closely with the manager of community development and director of advancement. Under the manager of community development’s supervision, she helped produce social media content, created graphic design content for various projects, and promoted NOCHI’s enthusiast classes. 

She applied her Google and Facebook Analytics knowledge to NOCHI to track their social media engagement. She conducted research and worked on the company’s database to better organize the system. She continues to keep in touch with the New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute and does freelance work for the company. 

Rieveschl is an active member of Pi Beta Phi sorority. This year, she continues to pursue a degree in IMC and is taking various IMC, business, and public relations courses.

She is excited to embark on her last year at UM and plans to spend her time working hard in her classes and enjoying her final year attending all the wonderful events UM has to offer, such as Ole Miss football games, with friends and family.

Elexis Craft, 20, is a junior integrated marketing communications major with a minor in business. She enjoys working at MS Critterz and hanging out with friends. She has lived in Orlando the past nine years. 

Craft loves snorkeling in the natural springs outside the Orlando area and visiting beaches that line the Gulf of Mexico when she visits her family in Florida. She loves traveling to Europe and visiting Denmark.

She is well known for participating in pageants. She was also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She volunteered throughout the semester with her sorority sisters, participating in the Buddy Walk, which raises money for children with Down Syndrome.

She also participates in the Ole Miss Intramural Soccer League. She goes to the gym and paints. Her favorite place is going to Sardis Lake to watch the sunset over the water. 

Craft’s hobbies include watching nature documentaries with her cat, Oby. She helps raise money for Court Appointed Special Advocates for children in bad home situations. She is a volunteer foster mom for shelter animals at shelters throughout Mississippi.

In high school, she was captain of her soccer team the spring of her senior year at a Christian Academy. She designed and hand made all the wardrobes for her senior class programs. She also took dual enrollment classes during her senior year. For two years, she attended Florida Virtual School. 

This year, she hopes to keep working on her integrated marketing communications degree. She hopes to one day own her own horse farm near Oxford and aspires to work in public relations.

Emily Gerber, 19, was born in Meridian. Her family followed her dad, a fighter pilot for the Marines, to North Carolina and New Orleans before they moved back to Meridian, a small town that made her appreciate the little things, like sunsets and going on drives with friends.

Gerber enjoyed playing tennis every year of high school and being part of student council and other extracurriculars. In 2018, she graduated with 52 students. Her father retired from the military, was hired by Delta airlines, and the family moved to Atlanta.

Gerber is a sophomore majoring in IMC. During her freshman year, she experienced dorm life, joined the sorority Kappa Delta, participated in The Big Event and has made many friends. She hopes to study abroad because she loves to travel. She wants to work in public relations or make wedding videos and commercials.

Marlene Alice Middleton is an IMC major with a business minor from Oxford. She is known for her bright personality, sense of humor, and kind spirit. She hardly meets a stranger and can hold a conversation with just about anyone.

Middleton has always been a creative, outside-the-box thinker. As an only child, she would often paint, draw, and write to entertain herself. It eventually developed into a full-time hobby and passion.

She has always had an immense love for the world of fashion and dreamed of following in her mother’s footsteps working in the fashion industry in New York. She has sketchbooks full of dresses she has been dreaming up since she was old enough to draw. Her love for fashion eventually turned into a general love for social media, graphic design, and photography.

Middleton also has a passion for writing and has used it as an outlet since childhood. Writing has flowed naturally for her, and she never grows tired of it. In her spare time, she enjoys playing the guitar, being outdoors, collecting old vinyl records, photography, spending time with friends and traveling.

Out of all the places she has traveled, Nashville and New Orleans both hold a special place in her heart. She spends a lot of time in Nashville on weekends and feels it’s a city that feeds her creative process and welcomes it. She also has a dog named Ella that she loves being a “self-proclaimed best dog mom in the whole universe” to.

Middleton hopes to have a career utilizing her creativity. She wants to leave a positive impact wherever she goes. She believes that simple kindness and understanding can solve many communication barriers we have.  

Brooke Hannigan, 19, is a sophomore from Tampa. She is a general business major with a minor digital media and plans to get her real estate license and a business degree when she graduates in 2022.

Her favorite activities include going to the beach, hanging with friends and working sometimes. She also enjoys traveling and going to different places/beaches in Florida, and wants to travel to California before she graduates. She is planning on traveling to Europe next summer.

Growing up, Hannigan was constantly surrounded by Ole Miss and game days, even though she lived in Florida because her mother and grandpa attended Ole Miss and have continued to spread their love for the school throughout her childhood.

Her grandpa graduated with a business degree from Ole Miss and later started his own business. Last summer, Hannigan worked for her grandpa’s company where she learned the business and worked throughout the summer.

Hannigan is also known for her love of sports. In high school, she ran track and played soccer. She played on a club team traveling to many different states to compete against some of the best teams around. She is also an active member of the sorority Kappa Delta. 

Justin Ivy, 25, is a senior majoring in art and starting a new minor in journalism. His goal is to become a business owner. He is interested in graphic design and hopes to turn his love for it into a company.

When making logos, cover art, and illustrating, the digital world is his passion. It started with designing the logo still being used for the University of Mississippi Gospel Choir. He has designed five logos for organizations and departments on campus. He has created promotional flyers for different groups and organizations.

Cassie Morrison, 20, has lived in California her entire life. She played soccer most of her youth, but multiple concussions forced her to quit. Her father lived most of his life in Connecticut (despite moving around a bit during his early years), and her mother grew up in Huntington Beach, California.

She said she learned a strong work ethic from her father, who she believes has done everything he possibly could to provide for his family, and she learned to be loving and compassionate from her mother who always puts her loved ones before herself.

Morrison is an introvert with a small circle of people she feels comfortable around. A lot of her life, she struggled with accepting herself and being confident, but as she continues to grow and mature, she has become more comfortable in her own skin.

After high school, she knew she wanted to go somewhere completely out of her little bubble in Southern California. After applying and touring multiple schools, she finally found the one she wanted, the University of Mississippi.

She had a lot of trouble figuring out what route she wanted to take. For a while, she thought exercise science was what she wanted to study. She thought she could force herself into a career of being a physical therapist, but the further she got into her studies, the more she realized she was not enjoying what she was doing.

She has always loved writing, but was never confident in her writing abilities and her skill. However, after realizing that forcing herself into a career she was not truly passionate about was not going to bring her much fulfillment, she decided to give journalism a try.

Haley Schneider is a junior integrated marketing communications major, a general business minor, and is pursuing a public relations specialization. She is from Plano, Texas, a big town 20 minutes north of Dallas. She graduated from a class of 1,500, and was one of three who decided to attend UM.

Schneider’s mom graduated from Texas Woman’s University, and has taught special education for 25 years. Her dad attended Kansas State, and works for an enrollment firm. Her family loves coming to Oxford to visit her and go to football games. She hopes to pursue a job focusing on media relations, public relations, or communication after her graduation in May of 2021.

Schneider is known for her sense of humor, fun personality, and adventurous spirit. Her transition to UM was a smooth one, although she did have to adjust to the small town feel. Coming from a big town, she had to get used to the pace and culture of Oxford. She has come to love it and has met lifelong friends.

Schneider grew up surrounded by the hype and love for many Texas schools, including the University of Texas, Texas A & M, and Texas State. However, she wanted to have a new experience and was drawn to the quaint, Southern town of Oxford.

The IMC program was one of the many reasons she chose Ole Miss. She grew up playing beach volleyball and club volleyball, and believed she wanted to pursue a career in sports marketing. This idea has changed a little, as she has learned about the many possibilities an IMC degree can provide.

In her free time, she loves traveling, spending time with friends and family, and watching any and every reality TV show. She is planning to study abroad in Spain for the summer of 2020.

She loves the beach, but also enjoys skiing every winter with her family. She spent her summer working as a waitress and helping her dad in his company’s marketing department.

Schneider hopes to get more involved in the IMC school this year by joining more organizations and being involved in higher level IMC courses that focus on certain things she is interested in. This fall, she is looking forward to football games, weekend trips, and enjoying everything Ole Miss has to offer.

Samantha Powell, 20, is a junior pursuing a degree in English with a minor in journalism. Her hometown is Chunky, Mississippi, and she attended Newton County High School. She hopes to graduate from the university in May of 2020 and attend graduate school. 

Powell is known for her sense of humor and her care for others, especially animals. She began working for Meridian Animal Clinic during the summer before her junior year of high school. She eventually adopted a dog from there during her sophomore year of college that she loves very much. 

Powell enjoys watching Netflix, traveling, reading, and being in the company of her friends in her free time. She also makes an honest effort to go to the gym every once in a while, but often falls short on that front. She still holds the belief that it’s the thought that counts. 

After graduate school, she hopes to secure a job as a professor of English at a university so she can teach students who hold the same love of literature that she does. In the meantime, she plans to soak in what is left of her college experience and build lasting friendships along the way.

Madison Garvey, 21, is working on her bachelor’s of science degree in IMC, a minor in business administration, and a public relations specialization. She has lived in Atlanta her entire life and plans to return after graduation to find a job.

Her hobbies include swimming, tennis, hanging out with friends, food, going to the beach, books, television shows, movies, dogs and outdoor activities.

She was first undecided about her major, but after taking an introductory IMC class, she was intrigued. She chose IMC because she loved the way the classes were taught.

She recently decided to further her IMC career by specializing in public relations. She said IMC has helped her gain experience that will prepare her for real world marketing projects, campaigns and more.

Last summer, she was a marketing intern for The Honey Baked Ham Company in Atlanta. She said she felt very prepared because of her projects and experiences in IMC classes. Her co-workers were impressed.

Her internship at Honey Baked gave her real world marketing experience. She wrote press releases, helped with digital media and social media, worked on PR campaigns and researched sustainability efforts.

She and three other interns put together a presentation for a multi-year sustainability plan for the company. The highlight of her internship was working on a HAM-mock PR photoshoot with the PR firm Edelman. Since she has decided to focus her studies on PR, this was a great opportunity and experience for her.

Leah MacFarland, 20, is a UM junior working on her degree in IMC and specializing in public relations. She grew up in the shadow of the Grand Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, but found herself in the South to experience college football, the Bible belt, and a warmer climate than the nine-month winters she was used to.

MacFarland spent all four years of her high school career actively involved in Young Life, a Christian ministry focused on college-age leaders going into high schools to walk through life with students. After several years of going to summer camps with Young Life, she worked at Malibu Club, a Young Life camp in Egmont, British Columbia. After this, she decided to work long-term with Young Life.

MacFarland is now pursuing a career in public relations with the intent of becoming field or property staff with Young Life. Her goal is to speak at Young Life camps in the summer and work as a full-time staff person in Oregon or Washington.

MacFarland leads sophomore girls at Oxford High School and has continued to work at Young Life camps in the summers. She spent last summer working at Washington Family Ranch Canyon in Antelope, Oregon.

With her involvement in Young Life, she spends a lot of time during the semester at Oxford High School football, softball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer games supporting her Young Life girls, and on most weekend nights, she can be found supporting her students in the OHS band or musical theater performances.

MacFarland was actively involved in musical theater for the majority of her high school career and plans on auditioning for spring performances at UM. As a creatively-minded person, she aspires to be a public speaker and spend some portion of her life on stage performing. She hopes to become more actively involved in campus this semester after dropping her involvement in Greek Life.

When she isn’t at Ole Miss, she is at home in Jackson Hole skiing, hiking, or paddleboarding on Jackson Lake. She waitresses at a restaurant in her hometown and enjoys working in the food industry and interacting with tourists from all over the world.

Paige Hill, 19, is a sophomore at UM. Although she was born and raised in Texas, she enjoys living in Mississippi where she is introduced to many new places and faces. She is studying broadcast journalism with the plan of becoming a sports reporter.

Hill is a daughter, sister, aunt, friend, athlete, pageant girl, student, and friendly face. A typical summer day in her childhood involved six to eight hours of dance rehearsals, spending 30 minutes to an hour at home playing with her eight pets before going out with her family for a night filled with watching her brother play competitive soccer.

Hill began dancing at age 7. Dancing competitively for 11 years, she didn’t have much time to do anything but dance throughout her childhood. When middle school came, she was introduced to other sports and fell in love with track and field.

Hill juggled and struggled, focusing on two competitive sports, but enjoyed the challenges and time management lessons. She ran track and danced competitively until the end of her senior year of high school.

At age of 8, she was introduced to pageantry. Her mother competed in pageants growing up, and Hill competed in pageants from ages 10 to 18. She competed in the Miss America Organization and Miss USA Teen organization from the ages of 13-18. She is thankful for the countless life lessons and things that were taught to her from these organizations throughout the years.

Hill is known for her adaptability, goofiness, love for people, and honesty. She finds joy meeting new people, running, lake days, spending time with her family, watching sports, fishing, listening to music, shoe shopping, spending time with her pets, baking cookies, and singing karaoke.

She finds entertainment in sporting. She grew up involved in sports, and watching her brother and friends compete. She enjoys talking and watching people work hard toward their passion and reach their goals. Hill is planning to major in sports broadcasting with the hopes of becoming a sideline reporter.

Gracie Farquhar, 19, has always dreamt of working in a skyscraper building in a big city for a glossy magazine. Her enthusiasm for storytelling has led her to pursue a career in journalism at UM, a school far from home, but a part of her family’s history. 

Farquhar was born and raised in Midland, Texas. Going out of state for college was absolute. She grew up in a family that is deeply connected to the University of Mississippi. Her great-grandfather was once the academic dean of the university, and her father played tennis for the school. While she considered many other schools to continue her higher education, her emotional connection to Ole Miss led her here. 

Farquhar has naturally curly hair and a bold personality to match. While she was born into a family that bred tennis players, she loves dance. She was often compared to Shirley Temple. She was a member of a competitive dance team for 16 years. She later joined the Midland High School Starz Dance.

Farquhar realized she was a natural leader and became captain of the Starz Dance Team for three consecutive years. She has danced in London’s New Year’s Day Parade. 

In college, she rediscovered her love for writing. She realized through journalism, she could use her voice to bring light to the world and use her storytelling abilities to her advantage.

She is thrilled to be a team member for UM’s new fashion publication and cannot wait to produce meaningful writing. She is excited to pursue a career in journalism at Ole Miss, hoping to eventually work in the field of fashion or entertainment. 

Riley Long, 20, is a junior majoring in art with an emphasis in graphic design. She is also working on a minor in journalism and digital media with an emphasis in communications.

She currently resides in Nashville, where she graduated high school. However, she has previously lived in Denver and Omaha. She plans to stay in the South upon graduation and work with a design firm or magazine in the art department.

As a child, Long was constantly involved in creating artwork, preferring art over sports. Her family is also artistic. Her grandfather, aunt, and cousin are working artists. Creativity runs in her family, so she was encouraged from a young age to pursue visual arts as a career.

She enjoys working with Adobe Creative Suite and painting and drawing in her free time. She adores incorporating fashion into her designs and her life, frequently reading fashion magazines and staying informed about current trends and designers. Her dream job would combine fashion and visual arts.

Long began painting black and white portraits of babies as gifts for family members. She incorporated techniques learned in her college courses and past experiences to make graphic images through paint.

Due to positive responses, she transitioned from babies into fur babies, painting dogs for friends. This transition proved fruitful as she began to sell these paintings online as pet and baby portraits. She continues to paint commissioned portraits.

Long is an active member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and has served as banner chair for the past two years. Through this position, she has created numerous large scale paintings that act as graphic advertising displayed on the Pi Beta Phi house.

She is involved in GRID, Getting Rebels Into Design, and the Ole Miss Society for News Design. She also works as a writing tutor for the University of Mississippi Writing Center.

This year, she looks forward to experiencing Ole Miss through her younger sister’s eyes, as they are both attending school together. She aims to hone her skills in graphic design with higher level art studios. This summer, she hopes to study abroad in Italy and explore culture and art. 

Sara Kate Rushing, 20, is a junior earning a degree in journalism. Rushing grew up in a big family with seven siblings who each graduated from Ole Miss.

Some of her favorite pastimes include reading novels, watching sports with her brothers, and keeping up with pop culture. Her favorite celebrity is Harry Styles, and she knows every Kardashian’s life story.

Rushing is interested in business and hopes to earn a minor in business or finance. She was involved in many sports and activities throughout her childhood and teenage years, but dance was her favorite. She danced for 14 years at Showstoppers Studio of Dance, and she was a member of its award-winning dance team. She also cheered for her high school and for the local cheer gym.

Traveling is important to Rushing, who studied abroad in Italy this past summer. She lived like an Italian for five weeks. The Amalfi Coast was her favorite place.  

Rushing has been active in many clubs and organizations on campus. She enjoys meeting new people, and she is always ready to lend a helping hand. Her favorite memories include the beer showers at Swayze Field during baseball games and football season. She believes the Grove is the best tailgating experience in the country, and football season is her favorite time of the year.

Rushing is an advocate for all things Southern. She loves the literature, culture, and people. Some of her favorite Mississippians include William Faulkner, Faith Hill, and Eudora Welty.   

In the long run, she aspires to become a broadcast journalist working for E! News or ESPN. She is dedicated to becoming a respected journalist, and some of her role models include Erin Andrews, Laura Rutledge and Giuliana Rancic.

Adam Stewart, 21, is a senior studying IMC and specializing in public relations with minors in business administration and English. He spent the first year of his college life in Seattle studying at the University of Washington.

He always thought he’d go to medical school, but soon realized no one “just becomes” a doctor. The people he observed in the medical field had passion and drive for that career. Stewart said he knew he would never be happy if he continued studying something he didn’t truly care about.

Books, movies, online video, and video games were all major hobbies. He also loved researching and learning how the things he loved were made.  Over time, he realized that behind all the successful creative works he loved were important business tactics and marketing communications.

Stewart moved back to Mississippi deciding to attend college closer to home and friends. Now, he spends his time studying while hanging out with friends and enjoying his hobbies.     

Caroline Helms, 19, is a sophomore studying journalism with an emphasis in sports communication and promotion. She is a member of the Phi Mu sorority at Ole Miss.

Helms is from Monroe, a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a determined, bubbly, kind-hearted individual who never meets a stranger. Choosing a school nine hours away was uncommon in her small town.

Traveling is Helms’ favorite hobby. She has been to almost every state exploring everything from national parks to major cities. One of her favorite places to travel is Moab, a town in southeastern Utah nestled near the beautiful red rock formations in Arches National Park.

She enjoys being outside and hiking. Her favorite hikes are the Bright Angel Trail in Grand Canyon National Park and the Highline Trail in Glacier National Park.

She is passionate about writing. She has been involved in clubs like yearbook, school newspapers and blogs. She decided journalism was the path she wanted to take after her journalism and communications class in high school gave her the opportunity to report and write a weekly piece about her school.

She decided on a sports communication and promotion emphasis because of her interest in sports marketing. While she is interested in attending law school to become involved in the sports and entertainment law industry, she looks forward to her future in the journalism world and hopes to become more involved on campus and in organizations that have a writing and reporting focus for the rest of her time at Ole Miss.

Finley Kelaher was born in Greenville, South Carolina. She grew up hanging out with her neighborhood friends and swimming with the local swim team in the summer.

She had several different dogs growing up including a Rottweiler, a border collie, and two labs, but none of them were the right match for her family until they found Tucker in 2010. While her mother was away on vacation, she, her sister and father drove three hours to Omar, South Carolina to pick up a seven-pound English Bullmastiff puppy. Growing up, she also had two cats, Sundance and Butch Cassidy, and goldfish.

In 2003, she started primary school at Christ Church Episcopal School and spent the next 13 years at the same school with the same people until she graduated in 2016. Eager to start a new chapter of her life, she went to college early and took a jump-start class. Unsure of what she wanted to major in, Finley went into college undecided taking the general course requirements.

At the beginning of her sophomore year, she declared IMC as her major with a minor in business. Recently, she has also decided to further her major with a specialization in public relations.

She studied abroad for six weeks in Innsbruck, Austria with some of her best friends from college. While there, she visited several countries.

Amy Roberts, 21, is originally from Baldwyn, Mississippi. She is an IMC major with a minor in business and is working towards a specialization in public relations.

In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out with friends, working, or watching Netflix/YouTube. Growing up, Roberts was always surrounded by Ole Miss. Every year, she and her dad bought season tickets and attended the Ole Miss football games. She knew from a young age it was where she wanted to go to college.

Roberts first attended Itawamba Community College in Fulton earning her associate’s degree in general business and made lifelong friends. Even though she liked ICC, she always wanted to attend Ole Miss. She drove to Oxford every weekend. Now she is happy to be an Ole Miss student.

Roberts is looking for an internship and hoping for one out of state. She wants to move as soon as she graduates, possibly to Arizona. She does not like the cold and refuses to move North, but wants a different perspective.

She wants a job she loves and a family. She thinks that if you are truly happy, your life is whole.   

Madisyn Bornfleth, 20, is a junior from Swansboro, North Carolina. Because her father is in the Marine Corps, she moved a lot growing up – from her birth in California to living in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Mississippi.

Throughout high school, she cheered and played softball. When her family moved to Meridian, she learned about Ole Miss. She was determined to attend Arizona State University since most of her friends went there, but she toured Ole Miss with a friend and decided to attend.

Bornfleth came to Ole Miss to study nursing, but decided to pursue writing, reading and sports. She is pursuing a career in sports journalism. She hopes to intern for ESPN or the SEC network. Her dream job is to become a sports sideline reporter for the NFL.

She plans on moving back to Arizona after graduation, but now, she’s seeking an internship.

Emma Heasley, 21, is a senior. Her interest in consumer analysis pushed her towards pursuing a degree in IMC with an emphasis in media sales and public relations. Her dream job involves working in external communications at a large, international corporation. 

Heasley was born in Midland, Texas but moved to Allen, Texas soon after where she spent her childhood. She has a younger sister, who is also a UM senior.

Competitive soccer kick-started her love for travel, as she traveled and played domestically and internationally. She graduated from Allen High in 2016 and left her high school football-obsessed hometown for the Velvet Ditch.

After living in Texas for 20 years, her parents moved across the world to Chengdu, China when she was a college junior. After visiting, Heasley is learning Mandarin Chinese. As a result of her parents’ move, she now resides full-time in Oxford with her sister and three dogs.

Heasley serves as the director of development for the local animal rescue and transport team, Mississippi MUTTS. She helps guide efforts to alleviate the overpopulation of stray animals in Mississippi. She connected deeply with the organization when she fostered her first puppy, which she fell in love with and adopted.

She began her involvement with the organization as social media coordinator in May of 2018 and was quickly promoted to director of development in November of 2018. Recently, the organization celebrated saving the lives of 1,000 dogs in Oxford and surrounding Mississippi towns. Heasley hopes to continue her rescue work with Mississippi MUTTS after graduation. 

Last summer, Heasley returned to her roots in Dallas for an internship with FreeRange Concepts. Working as a marketing and entertainment intern for a restaurant management company, she planned events for different venues and promoted them through the company’s media.

Using her experience with dogs, she focused primarily on MUTTS Canine Cantina, a dog park bar that has been featured in notable publications such as People, USA Today, and BuzzFeed. She worked closely with the marketing team to seek out trendy vendors, plan adoption events, and expand outreach.

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Jordan Majersky, 19, is a UM sophomore studying broadcast journalism from Aurora, Illinois, about 30 minutes from Chicago. She has two younger brothers who are twins. Her mom is a teacher of 20 years and her dad is a correctional officer.

Majersky swam competitively for 13 years. She graduated with a semi-large class of 745 and was involved in many clubs and organizations. After college, she hopes to pursue a career in sports or news reporting.

Volunteering and giving back is very important to Majersky, which is why she is an advocate for The Big Event at Ole Miss and was a project leader last year for the Oxford Community Garden.

In her free time, she likes to go swimming and shop. She also enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures. She loves to socialize and meet new people.

She also enjoys the little things in life, such as hanging out with her family and friends. This year, she is looking forward to getting more involved with the journalism school. She is also excited for football and basketball games.

Ann Marshal Logan is a Southern Kentucky socialite who goes where the sun leads her. An enthusiast of fashion and travel, she is a friend, sister, daughter, listener of all people she crosses paths with.

She is the third child of four. Her parents are Mr. John A. Logan IV and Marsha Whatley Logan, owners of Logan & Logan and Tip Top Design Co. Logan said her parents hold a tight ship with their businesses that originated in Henderson, Kentucky and in the Florida panhandle, where Marsha’s creative spin and John’s ingenious woodworking architecture create awe when people view their developments.

Choosing the University of Mississippi was an uncommon step for Logan as she left friends, family, and mentors. Coming from a close-knit high school, she was one of three students that went out of state to become a Rebel in the fall of 2018, feeling many emotions away from home.

But with her sister enrolled at Ole Miss and brother alongside her in the fall, she felt secure. Ole Miss has pushed Logan out of her comfort zone. She committed to various organizations, a sorority, and Ole Miss committed to her, a family.

Logan instantly knew the university would have an impact on her collegiate career and lifestyle. She said she’d love to work in fashion and design while traveling abroad to create her own clothing designs.

Last summer, she interned with three stores between Seaside & Rosemary Beach, Florida. She learned about the business by working the sales floor, receiving merchandise, identifying styles, also completing brand information, social media strategy and problem solving. She quickly emerged back into school life and jumped back into her classes.

Through and through, Logan realized during last summer’s internship this is her distinct passion. Now, she is determined to take the information that she learned to a new level achieving all she can while at UM.

She said she knows Ole Miss can help her excel with the help and guidance of her advisors, academic mentors and friends.

Sarah Ashley Biedermann is originally from Chicago. She spent most of her childhood moving around the country because of her father’s military status. So when it came time to attend college, distance was not a factor. Biedermann was used to new places and new environments, but she was not used to life without her twin sister, Amanda.

Amanda decided to attend the University of Alabama her sophomore year of high school while Biedermann still had not chosen a school to pursue. Biedermann eventually decided to tour the University of Alabama and see what all the fuss was about. After an hour-long tour of hearing “ROLL TIDE” every two seconds, she said she decided it was not for her.

During her junior year, she was pushed to visit the University of Mississippi. After seeing the beautiful old buildings and witnessing the famous Grove, she fell in love with the campus. She didn’t even get out of the car before she decided this would be her new home and school.

Today, Biedermann is a senior at Ole Miss studying IMC with two specifications in public relations and media sales. She chose this degree after being introduced to the idea during her first semester at school. She added the two specifications out of pure curiosity. She has held a few internship and job positions that showed her different areas to which she can apply her versatile degree.

Biedermann earned her latest experience with a large jewelry company in Texas called James Avery Craftsman Jewelry. Her official role with the company was to be their social media and marketing intern. For 10 weeks over the summer of 2019, she got to see what working in house for a large company’s marketing department would be like.

As she enters her last year at her beloved university, she is hoping to learn what it will be like to work in a marketing firm or agency in comparison to her previous experience working in-house for a company. Several of her classes this semester, she believes, will teach her just that. Two of her classes are set up to mimic the environment of working for a marketing company.

Biedermann is excited to enter this final chapter of her college career, however hesitant to leave the place and people she fell in love with five years ago.

Ally Ehrman, 19, is a sophomore general business major minoring in journalism. Her goal is to work in the fashion industry. She chose this school because of the lively campus, friendly people and education it would give her.

Ehrman is an active member of the Greek organization Tri Delta. She is also involved in Women in Business, a school-affiliated organization promoting the success of college women. She is a member of the University of Mississippi Fashion Society Club.

Ehrman grew up in a suburb of Houston, Texas called Friendswood – the same town both of her parents are from. High school wasn’t an easy four years, but she learned many lessons that would carry her through her college years.

Throughout her four years at Friendswood High School, Ally was a member of the Varsity Golf team. Golf was a sport she had been playing since she was 6, learning from her mom and grandfather.

One of her biggest role models is her father, who she said dropped out of high school sophomore year, never finished college, but has become one of the most successful businessmen in the city of Houston. She said he is a dedicated man and continues to share advice and business tactics with his daughter, who hopes to follow in his footsteps.

Ehrman is excited for another joyful year at the University of Mississippi. She has created bonds that will last a lifetime and made memories she will cherish forever. Oxford is a community like no other college town – locals enjoy the students presence, and the students are eager to get to know them.

Karly Caton, 21, is a senior originally from Virginia Beach, Virginia. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in IMC combined with a minor in business and a specialization in public relations. She hopes to pursue a career in advertising.

As a sophomore, Caton became one of the student ambassadors for Ole Miss. She enjoyed giving tours and introducing new prospective students to a university she fell in love with at a young age. The experience she gained as an ambassador gave her confidence in social and public speaking.

The summer following her junior year, she became an intern for an advertising agency in her hometown known as BCF Agency. She gained real-world knowledge, and the agency pushed her to develop her writing skills while writing numerous press releases. She acquired valuable research skills and enhanced the social media platforms for the company.

While outside of the classroom, Caton is an active member of her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. She has made many connections there. Her favorite part is participating in philanthropic events the group holds for organizations such as Feed the Hunger and Reading is Fundamental. She is passionate about giving back to the community and lending a hand wherever she can.

Caton is excited to enter her senior year at Ole Miss. Her schedule is filled with marketing and journalism classes that inspire her to become a confident, prepared graduate as she enters the professional world of advertising. During her final year as a student, she plans to take advantage of the many experiences Ole Miss has to offer.

Ariel Jones, 23, is a senior raised in Atlanta. She is a criminal justice major with a journalism minor. Although her major deals with law enforcement, she hopes to pursue a journalism minor to become a professional food critic.

Jones has always been passionate about visiting different cities and trying the latest restaurants. She created a fun, vibrant food page on Instagram known as @Food__Flourishing where she posts foods from Toronto, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Jones has enjoyed expanding her food horizons and introducing her family/friends to a different aspect of the food world. She believes food is the way of life.

Outside of her foodie role, Jones has a deeply-rooted love for dogs. She has a beautiful, tiny 4-year old black and white Chihuahua named Coco. She enjoys volunteering and interacting at animal shelters.

She also enjoys spending time with her friends and traveling with her family. During the summer of 2019, she visited Toronto. Once she decided on a career path, it has become easier to have a lifelong plan, achieve her goals, and maintain the determination it takes to get where she would like to be in life.

Haleigh Hillman, 21, is a senior art major with a journalism minor. She hopes to break into the advertising industry after graduation.

Hillman was raised in Lake, Mississippi. She played softball most of her life along with her younger sister and joined color guard primarily to attend every high school football game.

She volunteered at her local library when she had free time and spent a lot of time reading. She also excelled in academics and graduated from Lake High School in 2016 as the salutatorian and Star Student of her class.

Hillman is an active member of the Baptist Student Union, and you can often find her there doing homework or just talking with friends. She is hardworking and almost never takes days off, but when she does, she spends time in Meek Hall working on upcoming art projects.

She is a big fan of K-pop and took Korean courses to learn the music she was listening too. She can talk for hours about her CD collection and her interest in the packaging of each one.

Since she was a little girl, Hillman has known she wanted to do something in the arts. In middle school, she wanted to be a writer, then a fashion designer, and taught herself how to sew and make patterns. Her freshman year of high school, she wanted to be a photographer and bought a camera.

As she got older, her desires shifted to package design and book covers until she became interested in advertisements her senior year of high school. She wants to design anything from posters to billboards to magazine spreads and business cards.

Hillman is an introverted and quiet person. She likes to spend time with headphones on concentrating on her work. She keeps thing short and concise when speaking or writing.

She feels that a good storyteller should be able to tell a story quickly, focusing mainly on the important details. She does, however, open up a lot to her friends and become a bubbly, talkative person. She also enjoys internet culture and interacting with friends she has made through Twitter and Tumblr.

Lily Garner, 19, is a second year student studying broadcast journalism. She is a compassionate person who looks for the good in others and tries to make them smile. She loves to make other people laugh with her bubbly, silly personality.

Garner grew up in Dayton, Ohio, where she first realized her passion for journalism at Oakwood High School while working on her small class Morning Announcements show, AXTV. When she decided to join the class her sophomore year, she had no idea the impact it would have, leading her where she is today. Through the many videos she made for the class, she discovered a passion for making news pieces her community enjoyed.

Garner learned many important life skills and responsibilities from her work at a local pizza restaurant where she was a charter staff member. Old Scratch Pizza opened in the fall of 2016, and she has been working there since her junior year of high school.

She said she really enjoys the atmosphere, people, and experience that comes from working at Old Scratch – and the delicious pizza is just the icing on the cake. Working at Old Scratch has turned Lily into a real pizza connoisseur, and she loves trying different styles of pizzas everywhere she travels. She is still searching for a pizza restaurant that lives up to her “pizza-pectations” in Oxford.

Garner has gotten just a taste of what the world of journalism really is like with her second year on the SEC broadcast team at Ole Miss. She interns with the SEC network to help broadcast all Ole Miss sporting events. She has worked many jobs from camera utilities, to camera woman, to technical director training. She enjoys having this experience under her belt while she continues her studies at Ole Miss.

With a minor in political science, Garner dreams of one day working for a news network, such as Fox News. She grew up watching Fox News with her family and has always dreamed of being on “Fox and Friends” morning show. Her family shares this dream with her. 

Grace Baxter, 19, is a sophomore pursuing a degree in IMC. She is a member of Phi Mu sorority. She is a Navy brat, and has lived all across the country and abroad. This gives her a different view of the world, and she is thankful for all the unique experiences.

She lives in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, right outside of Honolulu. Since she was little, there has always been something about the Southern United States that Grace adored.

As the daughter of two Texas A & M alumnae, deciding to attend a different university was difficult. However, she has wanted to attend Ole Miss since she was 13 after seeing an Ole Miss football game for the first time. She will be a diehard Rebel fan the rest of her life.

When she is not in school, she likes to spend time in the kitchen creating new recipes, spending time with family, and shopping. One of her favorite hobbies is traveling.

Her favorite places include Fez, Morocco, Vienna, Austria, and Brussels, Belgium. She also enjoys trying the local cuisines and different foods that are unique to that area.

Though she loves to travel, Oxford is always tugging at her heart, calling her back. She adores the small town charm and the way it made her feel at home so quickly. Her favorite parts about the Velvet Ditch are the Square and the Grove on game days.

She enjoys writing and feels drawn to. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations one day, and enjoys writing press releases and doing social media. Most recently, she has joined the PR team for the American Legion Auxiliary Hawaii Girls State, and hopes to become the director of PR this upcoming Girls State session. She has also worked on yearbooks and helped with school newspapers. She is thrilled to continue to explore Oxford as a journalist.

Bailey Thompson, 19, is a sophomore studying IMC. She enrolled at the university as a business major, but found herself struggling when it came to finance classes. She has always been fond of writing and learning about marketing strategies.

Born and raised in South Dakota, her father was promoted to a higher position, and the family moved to San Diego, California. Sunny San Diego is where she carried out her middle school and high school career before she made the leap to Oxford.

Throughout middle school and high school, Thompson was an avid soccer player. She landed scholarships to schools, such as Villanova, but her career was cut short after she tore her meniscus for a second time.

Though heartbroken, she is a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. Without her injuries, she would have never met the amazing friends she has in Oxford. The injury also allowed her to open her mind to a new future and think about what her passions are.

Some of her favorite things are friends, family, the beach, and traveling. Planes are one of her biggest fears, but she pushes through it because she loves experiencing new places.

One of her favorite travel destinations was Puerto Rico. From zip-lining the longest zipline in the world to relaxing by the beach, she will cherish that trip forever. One day, she hopes to overcome her fear of planes and travel to Greece. Her mother has a lot of international offices, but Thompson has always denied the offer to travel with her to them because of this fear.

Thompson aspires to be the director of communications for a large company or oversee a marketing team. Over the summer, she worked at a tanning salon and ran their Instagram page. Her job was to promote their product line and monthly sales.