This Mississippi Hospital is One of the Creepiest Places in the State

Mississippi, a state steeped in history, boasts numerous intriguing remnants of its past, including reputedly haunted locales. One such eerie place is Biloxi’s Howard Memorial Hospital.

A Ghostly Past

Established in 1963, Howard Memorial Hospital has earned a reputation as one of the nation’s most haunted sites. Throughout its existence, visitors and patients alike have been startled by unexplained sightings of two young female spirits, both appearing to be around 5-7 years old and standing at approximately 3 feet tall.

Spectral Encounters

The hauntings gained such notoriety that a Sun Herald article in 1986 highlighted the frequent paranormal activity. The spirits were known to tamper with thermostats and elevators, with the sounds of girls giggling echoing through the halls. Legend suggests that encountering these ghosts was an ominous sign, marking individuals for their own impending demise.

Unanswered Questions

The circumstances surrounding the demise of the two girls remain a puzzle to this day. Some tales suggest they were former patients, while others claim they met their end at a nearby playground. Regardless of one’s beliefs in the supernatural, the enigma surrounding Howard Memorial Hospital persists.


Whether haunted or not, Howard Memorial Hospital in Biloxi, Mississippi, undeniably stands out as one of the state’s eeriest places. Its chilling history and numerous accounts of ghostly encounters make it a compelling subject for those intrigued by the paranormal.

So, what are your thoughts? Have you or anyone you know been associated with Howard Memorial Hospital in Biloxi? Share your stories in the comments below.


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