Most People Have Forgotten About This Abandoned Park Hiding in Mississippi

Mississippi is a state rich in history and culture, but also in abandoned places. From old forts and hospitals to ghost towns and bridges, there are plenty of eerie sites to explore in the Magnolia State. However, one of the most forgotten and fascinating abandoned places in Mississippi is a former amusement park called Royal Land.

The Rise and Fall of Royal Land

Royal Land was located in Meridian, a city in eastern Mississippi that was once a thriving railroad hub. The park opened in the 1950s and was owned by a local businessman named Roy Buckley. He bought several secondhand rides and attractions from other parks and ran them on a generator.

The park featured a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, a roller coaster, a haunted house, and a drive-in theater. It also had a baseball stadium, where the Meridian Braves, a minor league team, played their home games.

Royal Land was a popular destination for families and tourists, especially during the summer months. However, the park faced several challenges and setbacks over the years. The rides were old and poorly maintained, and often broke down or malfunctioned.

The park also suffered from vandalism, theft, and fires. In addition, the park faced competition from newer and bigger amusement parks in the region, such as Six Flags Over Georgia and AstroWorld in Houston.

By the 1970s, Royal Land was losing money and customers. Buckley decided to close the park and sell the land. However, he was unable to find a buyer, and the park was left abandoned and neglected. The rides and buildings gradually decayed and deteriorated, and nature reclaimed the site. Today, Royal Land is a ghostly reminder of a bygone era of entertainment and fun.

Exploring Royal Land Today

Despite being closed for decades, Royal Land still attracts curious visitors and urban explorers who want to see the remains of the park. However, exploring Royal Land is not easy or safe. The park is located on private property, and trespassing is illegal and punishable by law. The park is also surrounded by a fence and a gate, and access is restricted.

Furthermore, the park is in a state of ruin and disrepair. The rides and structures are rusted and collapsed, and the ground is covered with debris and vegetation. The park is also home to wild animals, such as snakes, raccoons, and coyotes, that may pose a threat to intruders.

Therefore, anyone who wants to visit Royal Land should do so with caution and respect. They should also be aware of the history and significance of the park, and not damage or disturb anything. Royal Land may be forgotten by most people, but it is still a part of Mississippi’s heritage and legacy.


Royal Land is one of the most intriguing and mysterious abandoned places in Mississippi. It was once a lively and cheerful amusement park, but now it is a desolate and haunting site. It is a testament to the rise and fall of a dream, and the passage of time and change. Royal Land may be gone, but it is not erased from the memories and stories of those who knew and loved it.

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