Ethan Crumbley Sentenced to Life in Prison Without Parole for Killing 4 Students in Michigan School Shooting

Teenager Ethan Crumbley received a life sentence without parole on Friday for the 2021 shooting at Michigan’s Oxford High School, where he killed four classmates, injured six others, and wounded a teacher. Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Kwam√© Rowe dismissed last-minute defense pleas, highlighting Crumbley’s acknowledgment that he alone was responsible.

Judge Rowe described the shooting as an execution, noting Crumbley’s intent for notoriety as the biggest school shooter in Michigan. Crumbley, now 17, admitted guilt to one count of terrorism causing death, four counts of first-degree murder, and 19 related charges, becoming the first minor sentenced to life without parole since a 2012 US Supreme Court ruling.

During the sentencing hearing, victims’ families shared emotional statements. The mother of Madisyn Baldwin, one of the victims, described the impact on her family, emphasizing that Madisyn would not be defined as a statistic but remembered by her name.

Survivors also addressed Crumbley, expressing the lasting effects of the tragedy. Molly Darnell, an educator who was shot, emphasized her resilience, stating that Crumbley could not destroy who she is. Other survivors recounted the traumatic moments and the profound changes in their lives.

The sentencing occurred as school shootings persist in the US, with over 80 recorded in the year. Crumbley’s parents, awaiting their criminal trial, face charges of involuntary manslaughter for allegedly providing easy access to a gun and ignoring signs of their son’s threat.

The defense had previously sought leniency, considering Crumbley’s difficult home life, but the judge emphasized his sole responsibility for the premeditated attack. The sentencing marked a somber chapter for the victims’ families, forever changed by the tragic events at Oxford High School.


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