Column: I was anxious to leave Delaware, but Mississippi felt like the place I belonged

I came here with a certain perception of Mississippi, and I didn’t think that would change over my four years as a student. However, now as I’m about to leave Mississippi forever, I have such a fond view of this state. Even though there may be some aspects of the state’s past and present political views that I may not agree with, Mississippi has changed my life forever.

Column: The Most Magical Place on Earth; It’s Not Just a Slogan

Everyone who knows me knows I love Disney Parks. Heck, I even run a Disney Parks news site. I love everything about it – from the sights and sounds of Main Street, to the thrills and chills of my favorite attraction, The Haunted Mansion. So, obviously, I was ecstatic to return last summer for a nine-day trip. Unfortunately, a week before I was scheduled to depart, my left eye began to malfunction.

Column: What it’s like to life life at 50 percent

For as long as I can remember, the word health or being “healthy” only meant physical health. When someone said “I’m focusing on my health” or “I need to be healthier,” I always tagged it to eating foods that were rich in nutrients, keeping a healthy exercise regimen, drinking lots of water, cutting out carbs, or anything that had to do with a “healthy” physical state of being.


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Featured Reporter: Evone Garcia

Evone’ Garcia, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is majoring in journalism sports broadcasting with a minor in Spanish. Growing up, she said her family and background was and still is important to her. She is proud to be Hispanic.

With a minor in Spanish and the background of being a collegiate softball player at Dodge City Community College, she hopes to create a softball team to represent the country of Spain, the country of her ancestors.

Garcia hopes to start her career by commentating or announcing local games or at a small college. Eventually, she aspires to become an ESPN or CBS Sports reporter like Erin Andrews.

Bruce was most likely named after The Beatles’ song “Michelle,” which she says is simple and lovely, but entirely underrated. Her favorite time of the year is near the end of spring because everything has come back to life and the weather has warmed up to the ideal temperature of 70 degrees with the occasional cool breeze. She also very much enjoys the flowers.

Featured Reporter: Lindsey Trinh

Lindsey Trinh is a junior journalism major with specializations in sports promotions and a minor in digital media studies. She is originally from a small Louisiana town called Houma.

Trinh is the oldest of three and the only girl. Her interests are sports and music. She enjoys listening to hip hop and electronic music. One of her favorite things to do is to go to music festivals or shows with friends.

For the past two years, she has been a part of Winter Circle Productions and BUKU Music + Arts Project’s promotion team. Her favorite NFL team is the New Orleans Saints, and her favorite NBA player is Kevin Durant.

During her breaks from school, she enjoys traveling to big cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Houston. She also loves spending days inside with her cat, Chai.  She would describe her fashion style as streetwear.

Trinh is a part of the creative team for Square Magazine, the student-run magazine at the University of Mississippi. When she graduates, she would like to work with a sports or music organization in either marketing or journalism. 

Featured Reporter: Michael Gross

Michael Gross is studying broadcast journalism with a minor in history. The Southaven native graduated from Northpoint Christian School in 2017, where he played golf and basketball. He has also called plays for Northpoint’s sports broadcasts since the ninth grade. He hopes to have a career in sports media one day.

He transferred to Ole Miss after two years at Northwest Community College in Senatobia. In his free time, he loves spending time with his family, serving with his church family, and spending time outside as much as possible.

He loves to play golf, go fishing and hunting, and spend time outside with his yellow lab, Drake. He also loves sports. His favorite teams are the Ole Miss Rebels, Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Braves, and New York Giants.

Gross loves being a student at Ole Miss and the opportunities and experiences that come with it. He hopes to become a sports broadcaster.