The Poorest Town in South Carolina Has Been Revealed

South Carolina, renowned for its scenic beauty and lively culture, is also home to towns grappling with economic hardships. Among them, Blackville emerges as the state’s most economically challenged.

Blackville in Brief

Situated in Barnwell County, Blackville boasts a population of approximately 2,100. Despite its modest size, the town faces significant economic difficulties.

The median household income in Blackville is a mere $19,583, starkly below the state average of $58,234. Similarly, the median home value in Blackville stands at $67,500, in stark contrast to the state average of $181,100.

Economic Struggles

Blackville’s economic challenges are diverse. The town contends with an above-average percentage of residents living in poverty, unemployed, or earning less than their potential.

It ranks lowest in median household income among South Carolina towns and holds the fifth-highest poverty rate.

A Glimpse into the Future

Despite the grim statistics, it’s crucial to acknowledge that these numbers don’t define the people or culture of Blackville. The town’s residents, akin to others in comparable circumstances, are likely exerting considerable effort to enhance their situations. It’s also vital to recognize that these figures don’t pass judgment on the individuals, the vibrant culture, or the traditions of the community.

In Conclusion

While Blackville currently bears the label of South Carolina’s poorest town, it merely captures a moment in its economic journey. With adequate resources and opportunities, there exists the potential for positive transformation and progress.


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