Study Says This California Highway is the Most Dangerous in the State

Annually, A assembles a roster of America’s riskiest roads based on crash records in their database. Within California, one thoroughfare consistently stands out: Interstate 15 (I-15).

The Perilous I-15

Spanning 181 miles and linking Las Vegas to Los Angeles, I-15, despite its well-maintained, straight trajectory conducive to safe travel, consistently secures a spot on the list of the nation’s most hazardous roads.

A study by the U.S. Department of Transportation, utilizing 15 years of data, identified I-15 as the deadliest road in the country. Experts attribute this to driver behavior rather than inherent issues with the highway itself.

The Mojave Desert Stretch

The Mojave Desert section of I-15 frequently witnesses drivers exceeding speed limits. The same study revealed that nearly a quarter of the crashes on this segment involved a drunk driver, possibly en route to or from Las Vegas.

The Broader Perspective

Although accidents can happen on any U.S. highway, street, or road, certain routes statistically pose higher risks. Notably, California claims three of the country’s ten most perilous roads.


While accidents are unpredictable, exercising extra caution on I-15 is advisable. The data collected over several years highlights an ongoing trend, emphasizing the need for drivers to stay alert and prioritize safety on I-15 and other highways.


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