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Mentor Of Champions: Jones County Junior College coach turns football players into pros

Jones County Junior College in Ellisville, Mississippi is known for its football program and having many successful players move on to D1 schools, including the University of Mississippi, the University of Southern Mississippi, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech, and South Carolina. This fall, the Jones County Bobcats won the Mississippi Bowl Game against Eastern Arizona.

Who is behind this success? Steve Buckley, 55, of Petal, Mississippi has been the Jones County Junior College Football Team coach for the last three seasons. Buckley played football at Southern Miss. and graduated in 1985. Soon after, he began his coaching career. He has previously coached for Petal High School, George County High School, Louisiana State University and Southern Miss.

Escape from reality and time at old fashioned Taylor Grocery

After a 30 minute scenic drive to escape the bustle of the growing town of Oxford, you will find a hidden gem called Taylor.

The small town with less than 500 residents has one particular restaurant that brings in patrons from all over. Taylor Grocery is a quaint restaurant with remarkable Southern charm and excitement. They are known for their fried catfish, a staple in the South, and an atmosphere that brings everyone together.

Self care helps some COPE with depression and anxiety

Self doubt. Thoughts of never being good enough. The fear that no matter what is done, it will always end in failure. These are just a few examples of intrusive thoughts those with depression and anxiety may face.
According the the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, nearly one-half of those diagnosed with depression also suffer from anxiety. The two illnesses seem to go hand in hand and can be debilitating for anyone who falls prey.

House of Hope: A coach’s journey from Mississippi to Uganda

The small Mississippi communities of Hickory Flat, Pontotoc, Ingomar, East Webster and the African country of Uganda all have one thing in common – Michael Seger.

There are few people who leave a lasting, positive impact everywhere they go. Over the years, Seger has coached basketball and taught biology to countless Mississippi high school students. Seger has used every platform to mentor kids and inspire them to be their best selves.

Opinion: Why we should limit the federal government

n 2018, the idea of the federal #government intervening in everyday life is normal among young people and Americans in general. Our generation has grown up with government overreach is many areas of life without the slightest skepticism. I argue that the idea of limited government and the reasoning behind it has been lost or tainted in an ever-growing trend of interventionism. It is not a partisan issue – it is getting back to America’s roots.

Column: Though new technology is more convenient, nothing compares to the beautiful crackle of vinyl

In my house, music is always playing. It is not uncommon to wake up to the sound of Journey, Tom Petty, or Van Halen. Likewise, no car ride is complete without the classics. At age 10, I could sing every word to nearly every song by Kiss. For me, music has always played a large role in my life. I am a firm believer that music makes the hard times easier and the good times better.