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A Rose in the Willow: North Mississippi brides visit Tupelo store for upscale wedding fashions

Tupelo native Elizabeth Rose graduated from the University of Mississippi with a degree in elementary education before returning to her hometown to teach.
“I quickly realized that it was not the career for me,” said Rose, who transitioned into a full-time job as a buyer for the family-owned store, Reed’s. “I spent 20 years there and learned more than I could have ever hoped to learn.”

Huff ‘n’ Puff on a road trip to Waynesboro

Take a road trip outside of Oxford, down curvy roads or fields, and the journey might lead you to a small, Mississippi town called Waynesboro in Wayne County, population 4,903.

Two combined restaurants called Huff ‘n’ Puff Smokehouse and The Huff Sports Bar and Grill are there. The Smokehouse was built first, followed by the bar and grill. Both are owned by Tim Williams.

House of Hope: A coach’s journey from Mississippi to Uganda

The small Mississippi communities of Hickory Flat, Pontotoc, Ingomar, East Webster and the African country of Uganda all have one thing in common – Michael Seger.

There are few people who leave a lasting, positive impact everywhere they go. Over the years, Seger has coached basketball and taught biology to countless Mississippi high school students. Seger has used every platform to mentor kids and inspire them to be their best selves.

America has more drunk drivers than most countries have people

According to the Mississippi Department of Transportation website, in 2016, drunk driving fatalities represented 18 percent of total traffic deaths in Mississippi. America has more drunk drivers than most countries have people. And each year, more than 10,000 people die on our roadways due to drunk driving. The site says that is the equivalent of 20 jumbo jets crashing each year.

Music Remains Constant – Multi-talented Gulf Coast musician performs to unify Mississippi

The first instrument Chandler Ladner mastered was a guitar at age 8. The piano followed. Then the saxophone. “I love challenges,” said Ladner. “It takes me to a new level and shows me new things, new attributes of music. Music is always a lesson based on the flow or rigidness of each note played. It will tell anyone a story and put them at peace at the same time. Music is life to me, and it should be to everyone. A life without music is a life wasted.”