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CASA of Lafayette County seeks volunteers to advocate for children

Erin Smith standing in front of the judge's bench at Youth Court.

Imagine that you are a child of abuse with no trusted adults on your side as you stand before a judge who is about to change your life with his decision. This terrifying scenario is one that the CASA of Lafayette County volunteers are trying to eliminate. CASA, an acronym for Court Appointed Special Advocates, trains volunteers who work on behalf of abused and neglected children as their cases make their way through the Lafayette County court system.

Column: When deciding to rush in the South, be prepared, don’t stress and believe every word you hear

“Rush is a big deal in the #South.” That statement is something every girl hears when she decides to go to college and join a sorority in the South. As a girl born and raised in a small town in southeast Missouri who decided to attend school at Ole Miss, I took that statement with a grain of salt. I never thought Rush Week would be as intense as everyone said it was.