Featured Reporter: Evone Garcia

Evone’ Garcia, of Albuquerque, New Mexico, is majoring in journalism sports broadcasting with a minor in Spanish. Growing up, she said her family and background was and still is important to her. She is proud to be Hispanic.

With a minor in Spanish and the background of being a collegiate softball player at Dodge City Community College, she hopes to create a softball team to represent the country of Spain, the country of her ancestors.

Garcia hopes to start her career by commentating or announcing local games or at a small college. Eventually, she aspires to become an ESPN or CBS Sports reporter like Erin Andrews.

Bruce was most likely named after The Beatles’ song “Michelle,” which she says is simple and lovely, but entirely underrated. Her favorite time of the year is near the end of spring because everything has come back to life and the weather has warmed up to the ideal temperature of 70 degrees with the occasional cool breeze. She also very much enjoys the flowers.