The Highest Rate of Weed Consumption in the Southern California’s County!

Southern California, renowned for its sun-soaked beaches and lively culture, boasts a notable distinction—it ranks among the regions with the highest cannabis consumption rates in the state.

Cannabis Usage in California

California, with its progressive cannabis laws, holds the record for the highest number of cannabis users in the United States, with a considerable concentration in Southern California. The perception of risk associated with cannabis varies across the state, with a notable percentage in Southern California expressing a high level of concern about smoking cannabis monthly.

San Francisco: Leading in Consumption

Remarkably, the city with the highest cannabis consumption in California is not situated in Southern California but rather in the north. San Francisco claims the title for the city with the highest cannabis consumption in the state.

On average, San Franciscans consume 7.87 grams of cannabis per capita per week, more than double the national average of 3.43 grams. This rate even exceeds consumption in some countries celebrated for their lenient cannabis laws, including Canada, Uruguay, and the Netherlands.

Implications for Public Health

The heightened cannabis consumption rate has significant implications for public health. Data from the California Department of Public Health illuminates trends in cannabis use among different age groups, during pregnancy, and sheds light on healthcare visits related to cannabis use. These statistics are vital for comprehending the impact of cannabis consumption on the population and guiding public health initiatives.


Although Southern California exhibits a substantial cannabis consumption rate, it is San Francisco that leads the state in this regard.

As discussions surrounding cannabis use persist, it remains crucial to consider these consumption rates and their potential repercussions on public health.


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