This Mississippi County Smokes More Weed Than Any Other in America

Marijuana consumption is a noteworthy subject across the United States, with different states and counties reporting varying levels of usage. In Mississippi, the prevalence of marijuana use is relatively lower compared to other states.

Overview of Marijuana Use in Mississippi

Based on state-level substance use data from the 20182019 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, Mississippi records a marijuana use rate of 998 per 10,000 individuals aged 12 or older. This equates to around 297,000 people who have used marijuana in the past year.

Regarding monthly usage, Mississippi ranks as the 9th lowest, with 648 per 10,000 people, or approximately 193,000 individuals, reporting marijuana use in the past month. Additionally, the number of first-time marijuana users in the past 24 months is relatively modest, standing at 91 per 10,000 people, or about 27,000 individuals.

National Marijuana Use Trends

On a national scale, marijuana use is increasing, with approximately 30% of American states legalizing recreational marijuana use. According to a 2020 Gallup poll, 68% of Americans express support for the legalization of marijuana.

States with the highest marijuana use rates are typically more politically liberal and rural, including Vermont, Oregon, Colorado, Maine, and Washington. However, Mississippi deviates from this trend, suggesting that factors beyond political alignment and population density may influence marijuana use rates.


Although Mississippi does not lead in marijuana consumption, it plays a role in the broader national discourse on marijuana use and legalization. As societal attitudes and legal frameworks continue to evolve, monitoring changes in marijuana use rates in Mississippi and across the nation will be of considerable interest.


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