Two Strange Haunted Roads in Louisiana Where Gravity Doesn’t Exist

Louisiana, a state brimming with history, culture, and natural splendor, also harbors its fair share of mystery and paranormal intrigue. Within its borders lie two peculiar roads that seem to defy the laws of physics: Pirates Alley in New Orleans and Bayou Sale Road in Dulac. This article delves into the stories and inexplicable occurrences surrounding these two enigmatic and haunted roads.

Pirates Alley: A Glimpse into History

Situated alongside St. Louis Cathedral in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Pirates Alley is a narrow street named after the infamous pirate Jean Lafitte. Legend has it that Lafitte used this alley as a covert passage for smuggling goods and meeting associates. Lafitte, known for aiding Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, is said to haunt the alley in the form of a tall, dark figure clad in a long coat and hat.

Visitors claim to have spotted Lafitte’s ghost walking or standing in the alley, while others speak of experiencing a chilly breeze or a gentle push as they pass by. Some believe Lafitte is safeguarding his rumored buried treasure in the area, contributing to the mysterious gravity hill on Pirates Alley. Here, cars appear to roll uphill when in neutral, a phenomenon often attributed to an optical illusion or, according to local lore, the ghostly influence of Lafitte redirecting vehicles away from his hidden loot.

Bayou Sale Road: A Road Shrouded in Mystery

In the small town of Dulac, within Terrebonne Parish, Bayou Sale Road stretches for approximately 15 miles, surrounded by swamps, marshes, and bayous, creating an eerie ambiance. The road has gained notoriety for tragic accidents, murders, and suicides, as well as reported sightings of ghosts, swamp monsters, and UFOs.

One of the most perplexing occurrences on Bayou Sale Road is the vanishing road phenomenon, where a section of the road seems to disappear or alter direction suddenly. Drivers encountering this phenomenon describe feeling disoriented, confused, and frightened, finding themselves on an unexpected road or in an unfamiliar location. Some even report losing time or memory, while others speculate about entering a portal to another dimension.

The cause of this phenomenon remains unknown, with theories ranging from magnetic fields and swamp gas to the presence of Native American burial grounds. Others entertain the possibility of supernatural influences such as voodoo curses, alien abductions, or demonic entities.


The tales surrounding Pirates Alley and Bayou Sale Road exemplify how Louisiana’s roads offer more than mere transportation; they provide avenues for adventure, mystery, and terror to those bold enough to explore them. Whether stemming from natural, human, or paranormal origins, these two haunted roads defy conventional boundaries, challenging perceptions of reality and gravity.

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