This Abandoned Town in Virginia Will Give You the Creeps

Virginia, a state renowned for its historical richness and natural splendor, conceals a somber side beneath its picturesque facade. Amidst its rolling hills and historic landmarks, forgotten tales linger in places left to decay over time.

Two such locations, the Wise County Orphanage and the Western State Lunatic Asylum, stand as eerie remnants of bygone eras, their abandoned structures evoking a sense of foreboding for those brave enough to venture close.

Wise County Orphanage

Nestled in the wilderness of Virginia, the Wise County Orphanage is gradually succumbing to nature’s reclaiming embrace. What was once a lively haven for abandoned and orphaned children now stands in silence and emptiness, its interiors bearing the scars of vandalism and neglect.

Local lore surrounds the property, claiming it to be haunted, particularly by the spirits of the once-inhabitant children. Laughter and the echoes of bouncing balls resonate through the desolate halls, and spectral figures occasionally materialize in the windows.

This orphanage, steeped in an unsettling atmosphere and paranormal activity, attracts urban explorers and those intrigued by the supernatural.

Western State Lunatic Asylum

The Western State Lunatic Asylum, now transformed into the Blackburn Inn, is another haunting site in Virginia. Established in 1828 as a resort-style asylum for the mentally disabled, it boasted open-air designs, terraced gardens, and scenic walkways—all designed to foster mental well-being.

However, the asylum’s history took a dark turn in the mid-19th century. Due to underfunding and abuse, it shifted from a rehabilitation center to a warehouse for the disabled.

Forced sterilizations, electroshock therapy, and lobotomies became commonplace, and over 2000 unmarked graves dot the property. The circumstances surrounding many deaths at Western State remain shrouded in mystery, with limited documentation available.

Today, a significant portion of the Western State Lunatic Asylum has been repurposed into the Blackburn hotel. While some structures on the property are undergoing restoration, offering glimpses into their original states, the underground tunnels connecting the properties may now be inaccessible.

These abandoned places in Virginia, with their ominous histories and eerie atmospheres, undoubtedly send shivers down the spine. They stand as stark reminders of our past and the untold stories that linger in their forsaken halls.


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